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Synthprint is an art project by Eric Smilde.

The last couple of years I have been working on re-making vintage synthesizers as 3D artworks.

My love for vintage synthesizers, drum machines and other electronic devices lies in the esthetic beauty of these machines and the pre-digital, nostalgic feel they have. Having to carefully study these machines made me like them even more.

The idea that these complex electronic circuits, designed by a handful of people, have shaped our popular music keeps inspiring me to digitally reproduce them. Transforming these iconic musical instruments into art prints is my way of contributing to the preservation of these timeless icons.

Each print is personally crafted, printed on premium high quality paper, and handled with care before making its way to you. At Synthprint, we ensure that your beloved instruments find a beautiful place on your own wall.

It’s true what the Beastie Boys said: ‘Nothing sounds quite like an 808.‘ And it’s equally true – nothing looks as good on your wall as a Roland TR 808.”

Eric Smilde
Creator of Synthprint